Arena Soccer Goal

Model: Arena-Goal

A soccer arena in your own back yard! More touches on the ball to master skills faster! The same all-weather technology used for trampolines. Crafted using expertise gained after more than 25 years of designing, engineering and manufacturing trampolines. Conceptualized by soccer parents and coaches. Dramatically strengthens eye/foot coordination and reaction times. Made in USA.

Assembled frame size - 14' diameter, 6'3" tall; 1-inch galvanized steel tubing frame with easy-connect button couplings

Box dimensions: 76" X 22" X 10"

Weight: 140 Ibs 

Parents love ArenaSoccer! The ball stays in play, doesn't go over the fence, into the street, or into a window.

- Gives kids great exercise in a short amount of time.

- Pets don't interfere with play; children are within view of adult supervision.

- A family activity center! For enclosed play, an eating area, ball-based games...just like T-ball!

- Easy to move in the backyard

- Field-tested with youth soccer groups.

- Easy to assemble (about 30 minutes) or disassemble (about 10 minutes)

 - Sturdy net. Foam pole wraps. Same kindused in trampoline enclosures.

* colors may vary

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Brand Arena Soccer
Model Arena-Goal
UPC: 094922550941